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Who's this Weirdo?

Kai 1st Look.jpg

Born January 10th, 1997 in North Hollywood, California, Kai Jordan always had a deep love and admiration for the Art of Animation (Cartoons, Anime, Film). Growing up he wanted to be a game designer and had a slight fascination with Voice Over Trivia. But in Middle School, Kai began to dabble more into acting through making online videos, school assignments, and hobby projects. It was when he performed the character, Sonny, in Grease the Musical that Kai developed a true passion for the performing arts. He then became more active with the online voice-over community, researching the work of the professionals, and forming meaningful connections along the way.

Wanting to break into the professional world of Voice Over, Kai honed his skills through acting courses in College as well as various workshops and instructors (Kalmenson & Kalmenson, Adventures in Voice Acting, Richard Horvitz's Weekend Playdate, Groundlings). Kai would soon sign on with an agency and form strong bonds with working voice actors. Through his drive and powerful friendships, Kai began to book roles in Anime, Original Animation, etc. For a man who has a passionate love for the expression of animation, Kai is super grateful to be a part of it.

Outside of Acting, Kai loves to practice drawing, read comic books, read manga, watch cartoons, take care of dogs (including his own), and he puts together video essays on his YouTube page "Nerdy Kirikai" discussing his favorite pieces of Nerdy Media including Voice Acting Trivia. His favorite Anime and Manga is One Piece. His absolute favorite film of all time is Who Framed Roger Rabbit. As an extrovert, Kai enjoys talking to people and getting to know them.

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